What Are Shims Used For?

Projections show that the global laser cutting machine market will reach a value of $5.7 billion by 2022.

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient methods of manufacturing custom parts and is perfect for making shims. You may be wondering “what’s a shim?” It’s a fairly simple, small part, but it serves a wide range of applications.

What’s a Shim?

A shim is a small component for making adjustments to various elements. Within a home, they are often used for things such as door frames, windows, and tiles to make sure things are level and plumb. These types of shims are generally small wedges and can be of various shapes and sizes depending on their use.

Metal shims are often used in engineering and industry to adjust for better fit or support. Shims adjust clearances, tolerances and alignments, or may act as spacers to fill gaps between parts that are subject to wear.

How We Make Shims

The Shim Shack provides a high-quality custom laser cutting service so that all of our shims are of the best quality and meet very precise tolerances. We design shims to meet your exact needs through a process of steps on our website:

  1. Choose your shim type
  2. Pick a material and thickness
  3. Choose a unit and enter the dimensions
  4. Give the quantity needed
  5. Add a job number (optional)

Our automated system will precisely cut the shims which are then labeled and packaged, ready to send out.

Shims can be made using other techniques, but laser cutting is the most accurate method, so is best for jobs that require a high level of precision. It’s also very uniform, so all shims for a job will be identical.

Different Types of Shims

Shims are often made from various materials including plastic, metal, wood, and composites.

Wooden shims are fairly inexpensive and easy to make, but moisture will weaken and sometimes ruin them.

The Shim Shack supplies various metal shims which are incredibly accurate, and very durable. We keep a wide range of shims and galvanized washers in stock, ready to meet almost any need.

If you have a specific job and we don’t have anything suitable we can customize products to meet your needs. This can be very helpful if you’re after ultra-thin metal shims that aren’t standard parts.

What Are Shims Used For?

Shims have various uses. In masonry, shims are often placed between tiles to keep them lined up as they are being laid.

In carpentry, shims are used to level flooring and sub-flooring. Wooden shims can work for this, but their limitations mean they aren’t ideal for all jobs.

For most jobs, shims are used while the work is being done, then removed after completion. Other times shims are left permanently, such as when using them to reduce noise from staircases of creaky interior flooring. They are inserted below and can be left as they’re out of sight.

Why Shim Shack?

We’re here to help. If you have something that doesn’t fit quite right, call us right away. If you need something brought back into tolerance, just ask. Have a variance in a measurement? Trust that we’ll go to any length to help solve your issue.

Because we make all kinds of shims in all kinds of shapes and sizes and we’re darn proud of it. We handle the jobs that no one else wants to do. But you can rest assured we’re laser-focused on finding the perfect solution for your project needs. If it looks impossible on paper, it’s quite possible that we’re the only ones in the industry who can get it done. Share your shim specs and your vision with us and we’re happy to bring them to life.

We’re great like that – contact us today.

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