The Shim Shack Retail Shop

At The Shim Shack, we like to make cool things with what we think is some really cool technology and we want to share that coolness with you! That’s why we created The Shim Shack Retail Shop.

The Shim Shack was born out of a metal fabrication job shop called Stock Manufacturing & Design Co., Inc. (SMD) in the year 2005. We were building custom shims for the automotive industry and we created a tool that allowed our customers to dynamically build their own custom parts from a shape library online. That was just the beginning of an automated process that enabled us to quickly and efficiently produce these custom parts for our customers.

Over the years, the creative juices continued to flow. We started to realize there were all kinds of uses for our metal shapes and the various products we’ve made. So in 2019, The Shim Shack Retail Shop was born and we now have an avenue to share all of our coolness with you. Hope you enjoy what you find in our retail shop!