The Do's and Don'ts of Shimming

Projections show that the global metal shims market will grow by 5.5% CAGR between 2018 and 2030.

Shimming is crucial to various types of projects, and there are some very important factors to consider. It's best to ensure you're following good shimming practices to maximize long-term benefits. Knowing what these practices are will help you make the right decisions.

For a rundown of some of the most important "Do's and Don'ts" of shimming, keep reading.

Do: Correct Shims and Correct Numbers

Shims might seem quite simple, but you always want to make sure you're using the right ones for a job. There are various types of shim, so ensure you know which ones work best for your application.

Homemade shims can often be low quality, so having shims supplied by a professional manufacturer such as The Shim Shack will ensure they meet the necessary standards.

Whether using plastic, wooden, or metal shims, you also want to be sure you're using the right number. You should determine this before placing them so that you get things right from the start.

Don't: Skip Out on Measurements

Shims can vary in size by very small amounts. Use a micrometer to get accurate measurements, ensuring that the shims you're using are as close to the perfect size as possible. With a micrometer, you may be able to measure a shim to an accuracy of 0.001mm.

Do: Use Clean Shims

Depending on your project, this could be incredibly important. Using unclean shims can negatively impact machine parts, leading to operational issues and potential downtime.

While it may cost a bit more,new shims will save more money and time in the long run, so is almost always worth it.

Don't: Store Shims Improperly

You should store any shims somewhere safe, secure, and clean. This will prevent them from getting damaged or dirty. If you allow your shims to get into a poor state they may become unusable.

Do: Be Aware of Your Options

Shims come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles. You want to ensure you're always using the right shims for a job to avoid problems further down the line. If you try to insert a shim somewhere it doesn't fit, it could damage the shim or other parts around it.

At The Shim Shack, we custom-make shims so you get exactly what you need.

Don't: Use Just Any Shims

You should also take into account things like fire ratings. Shims will sometimes become a permanent part of a structure, so they must have suitable durability, compressive strength, and fire rating for the application.

Shimming Correctly

Following good practices can make a huge difference to the success of your project. The points above related to shimming will help you get things done right, reducing the number of errors and minimizing downtime.

At The Shim Shack, we specialize in producing custom shims to meet the exact needs of our clients. To find out more about the parts we can produce, contact us today.

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