The Cost Benefits of Using Shims for Manufacturers and Engineers on a Budget

The Cost Benefits of Using Shims

Manufacturers and engineers are often familiar with the benefits and purposes of using shims. Shims are small components used across various industries to make adjustments, such as closing gaps in a door frame or creating a level surface.

Shims are typically circular but are also available in numerous shapes and sizes. Utilizing shims is cost-effective and can save buyers significant time, money, and energy compared to alternatives.

While this all sounds great, you might wonder: what are the cost benefits of using shims? This article will cover three key benefits that make shims cost-effective and practical for your work.

Benefit One: Lower Manufacturing Costs

While shims are easy to overlook when creating equipment, they have the potential to reduce costs. The first cost benefit of using shims is by significantly reducing manufacturing costs.

Shims cut down on time spent re-machining and retrofitting and, in some cases, eliminate the need for either practice. Shims are also flexible – you can create shims from virtually any material, making it possible to select lower-cost materials that still get the job done.

If you are looking for a shim manufacturer with affordable prices to help you complete high-quality work at a much lower cost, providers like The Shim Shack manufacture custom shims quickly and cost-effectively.

Benefit Two: Lower Labor Costs

Engineering materials can be costly on their own, especially if you have to pay the price for labor. Reducing labor means lower costs and more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Using shims can eliminate some processes like hand-cutting materials. This makes shims a valuable solution for any organization struggling with the cost of labor for creating project materials. Shims can help you eliminate stress in your job and free up time to focus on building your organization.

Benefit Three: Reduced Assembly Costs

Shims are valuable because they lower the need for precisely crafted machine parts and can quickly adapt to the necessary size of a part. Shims lower the cost of assembly and allow you to make necessary adjustments to various components during assembly. Using shims, you don’t have to worry as much about getting materials of varying sizes that might not serve the proper purpose.

Shims are also beneficial for supporting other equipment during the assembly process. With shims, you can avoid high costs during the assembly process that result from any mistakes, wear, or damage caused to other materials. Shims help your equipment last longer and reduce assembly costs that you can use for other business priorities.

Find the Right Shims With The Shim Shack

Finding the correct shims is crucial for anyone dealing with manufacturing equipment. Saving time and money in your projects is possible when using providers like The Shim Shack.

The Shim Shack helps you find the best shims for your business by offering made-to-order custom shims of various materials and sizes. The Shim Shack helps businesses implement shims to reduce tolerances and extend product lifespans. Contact The Shim Shack today to learn more about how shims can benefit your business.

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