Stevin Young

Steve has been with the company for 45 years. That’s not a typo, his employee number is in the single digits! We’ve been lucky to have Steve here as his knowledge of dust collectors and all things fabrication are unbeatable. We’re pretty sure he can spot a bad weld from a mile away! Not only is he knowledgeable in fabrication, he’s our shop safety and compliance wizard. He keeps our shop in tip top shape! He’s our unofficial “Chief Law Officer,” and isn’t afraid to enforce any and all safety measures. He’s our acting shop dad, unlocking the building and warming up everyone’s machines before they get here. On top of that, Steve can fix just about anything, and if he can’t fix it, he knows the one guy in existence that can.

In his free time, Steve enjoys listening to music and, believe it or not, he actually enjoys assembling furniture!

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