Shim Kits

When looking for a shim kit you are likely to find many options that contain thicknesses or sizes you may not need. At The Shim Shack, customization is our specialty! Put an end to holding inventory on shims that you’ll never use and custom order your shim set to your specifications and needs.

What is a Shim Kit Used For?

A shim kit, also referred to as a shim set, is a group of shims that are typically sold as the same shim with differing thicknesses. Shim kits or sets are necessary to provide precise alignment, adjust for better fit, and provide a level surface. Shims are also used to fill gaps between parts or machine parts that are subject to wear. Shim kits allow you to easily add or remove varying thicknesses necessary for best results.

Why Buy Custom?

When buying off the shelf shim kits, it’s possible that not all shims in the set will be utilized. Oftentimes, you know exactly what you need out of your shim kit. This results in you paying extra just to get the few parts you may actually need. At The Shim Shack, you are able to customize your thicknesses and dimensions to fit your needs. Whether it's 1,000 pieces of one thickness, or 1 piece of another - we can do that. Buying custom shim kits also allows for repeatability. We keep your kits on file to make re-ordering a breeze.

What is a Shim Kit?

Now that we know what a shim kit or shim set is used for, what makes up a shim kit? Pre-Made shim kits are often varying thicknesses of standard sized washers or slotted shims. However, a shim kit is whatever you need your shim kit to be! Sometimes that may mean that your shim kit is the same part with varying thicknesses. It could also mean that your shim kit is made up of completely different parts.

Shims aren’t always universal, so we allow you to create the perfect pack to fit your needs!

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