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Metal Shims: Understanding the Properties of Different Metals

There are countless different products and applications that require metal fabrication. One widely used part is metal shims. They can be made to various specifications, and when having custom manufacturing shims, one choice you’ll need to make is the material. Understanding the properties of different metals will help with your choice. These are some of […]

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What Are Shims Used For?

Projections show that the global laser cutting machine market will reach a value of $5.7 billion by 2022. Laser cutting is one of the most efficient methods of manufacturing custom parts and is perfect for making shims. You may be wondering “what’s a shim?” It’s a fairly simple, small part, but it serves a wide range […]

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The Benefits of Laser Cutting Metal

Projections show that the global laser cutting market will reach a value of $5.8 billion by 2025! This growth is due largely to how useful the process is to such a wide range of industries. Laser cutting is a fabrication method used to cut metals in different forms. Laser cutting isn't always the cheapest method, […]

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The Benefits of Custom Manufacturing

In 2020, the US manufacturing market reached a value of approximately $176 billion! There are many types of manufacturing, but there are numerous benefits to utilizing custom manufacturing. Custom parts can be made through companies that offer professional CNC machining, welding, and laser cutting services. Let’s explore the primary benefits of custom manufacturing. Flexibility Custom manufacturing […]

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Custom Shims Solutions

Getting the right shims in place can be extremely important to the safety of your workplace. For instance, did you know you shouldn’t have any more than four shims in one spot? Any more than that can be an OHS risk. So, finding the exact right thickness of shims may be difficult not to cause issues […]

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