The Benefits of Laser Cutting Metal

Projections show that the global laser cutting market will reach a value of $5.8 billion by 2025! This growth is due largely to how useful the process is to such a wide range of industries.

Laser cutting is a fabrication method used to cut metals in different forms. Laser cutting isn't always the cheapest method, but there are several advantages to using laser cutting services which often mean it's the best choice.


One of the main advantages of laser cutting a metal part is that it provides exceptional precision. A laser cutting machine can be programmed to cut with an unmatched level of accuracy, even when cutting complex geometric shapes.

Energy Usage

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient metal cutting techniques. Many other methods can use up to 5 times more power. This is ideal for many businesses as people are making more of an effort to be more environmentally friendly in their work.

Short Lead Times

The thinner a metal part is, the faster a laser will cut through it, but even thick metal can still be cut very quickly. This means you can get prototypes made fast, and any orders you need quickly will be ready as fast as possible.


CNC laser cutting machines are programmed using CAD/CAM software, which helps give consistent results when cutting multiple parts. This is perfect for bulk orders where uniformity is important.


Laser cutters are suitable for a wide range of materials with varying shapes and thicknesses. A laser can cut through metals, alloys, glass, woods, plastics, and even diamonds.

Fewer Finishing Requirements

Laser cutters produce smooth, clean cuts, and rarely cause any kind of deformation in the material. This, combined with the high level of accuracy, means that any finishing processes will be quicker, as well as the final quality checks.

Alternative Options

Another option you have is waterjet cutting. While it's effective and offers some versatility, it lacks the accuracy and precision of laser cutting. With water jet cutting there is also no way to engrave materials, which is easy with a laser cutter.

Plasma cutting is another option that is more cost-effective but results in lower-quality parts. Laser cutting offers higher tolerances which can reduce distortion - this is especially useful when cutting thin sheet metal.

Plasma cutters are also not capable of engraving, trimming, welding, and scribing - laser cutting can achieve all of these.

Is Laser Cutting the Best Cutting Technique?

It isn't necessarily the best method outright. Other techniques offer benefits that laser cutting lacks, so if you have a job with very specific requirements it's best to assess your options first.

Having said that, the benefits of laser cutting are very significant and it often gives the best results. To find out more about The Shim Shack's laser cutting services contact us today.

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