The Benefits of Custom Manufacturing

In 2020, the US manufacturing market reached a value of approximately $176 billion!

There are many types of manufacturing, but there are numerous benefits to utilizing custom manufacturing. Custom parts can be made through companies that offer professional CNC machining, welding, and laser cutting services.

Let’s explore the primary benefits of custom manufacturing.


Custom manufacturing allows for parts to be produced to very precise specifications. If you need your custom products to have any specific characteristics or dimensions, custom manufacturing processes make this possible.


Automated production lines often produce parts with mistakes or imperfections, which may not be discovered before the product is distributed.

At the Shim Shack, all products go through a thorough quality control process, ensuring everything we produce meets the needs of our clients.

Quality control results in greater accuracy of parts. There will be no discrepancies in shape or dimensions, as there could be with parts made through traditional manufacturing processes.


Custom manufacturing is perfect for a small business that is just starting out. If you don’t have too many clients, or want to test products such as metal spacers and stainless steel washers, custom manufacturing is ideal.

You can order the exact amount of a product that you are after. As your business grows you can scale up the number of parts you order, as custom manufacturers like Shim Shack are also able to handle large orders.


The accuracy and quality of custom manufactured parts translates to improved productivity. Custom manufacturing also produces less waste than other methods, making it far more efficient.


One of the most important aspects of manufacturing is cost. This is especially important to a small business that doesn’t have huge amounts of money to spend.

Custom manufacturing may seem less cost-effective, as individual parts do cost more, but money is saved in the long run. By placing smaller orders, you won’t have to order more than you need.

The process is also much cheaper than sourcing equipment and hiring staff to manufacture any parts yourself.

Shorter Lead Time

Traditional manufacturing processes can involve multiple stages for just a single part. With custom manufacturing, there are fewer steps, meaning products can be made faster.

You also won’t need to wait for any pre-made parts to be delivered, so there is no chance of delay.

Improved Sales

Custom-made parts aren’t better just for retailers, but also for customers. End users receiving products made to the exact specifications they need will be happier.

This will help with customer retention and could generate new customers due to reputation.

Professional Laser Cutting Service

The shim shack offers professional CNC forming, spot welding, and laser cutting services, and more. We can produce high-quality shims, washers, spacers, and brackets made to your exact specifications.

If you have any questions such as what materials we use, or what shims are used for, click here to contact us today. We are always happy to help.

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